Thursday, 29 May 2014

the face that lost a million votes

do you mean the wonky face of ed milibandage, i hear you say? the cheap socialist sticky-plaster designed to cover-up the mortal gaping wound of the iraq war and other labour-inspired wars of terror, which led ingloriously to the caring-sharing party's sudden self-inflicted death?


i mean the ghoulish grinning gob-hole of tony "wog-bomber" blair, which impertinently persists in popping-up to corrupt the political consciousness of our unscreened televisual in-take with the cancerous propaganda of whatever subliminal neo-colonial neo-conservative agenda he happens to be pushing at any given moment in his interminable and intolerable serial-killing career - a constant crimson thorn cutting into the carnaged memory of an electorate still ashamed to countenance the trail of mutilated civilian bodies which blood-oil blair and his government left to rot across the now permanently warring wastelands of the middle-east.


...and today the man who once refused immigrants the right to receive life-saving treatment for aids on the nasty hospital service is blindly railing against the racism of the uk-capsized party, a group of great british grumblers who've never, thank fuck, had the power nor political presence to actually prosecute a neo-colonial war - no, no, they wouldn't dream of such a thing - but just don't want to see the maimed and impoverished results of great british foreign pulverization and ethnic persecution washing-up on our beautiful blue-flag british coastline of pristine cultural cleanliness, because that would be really be a reality show too far, wouldn't it?  beyond the pale an-all-that...non-bitter drinking bastards building our houses for knock-down prices, knocking-up public infrastructure projects for pennies, saving the great british taxpayer billions of pounds - well that's the theory, anyway - grafting for groats, servicing our beer-pumps, knocking-off our women - not-to-mention our blokes bored with bog-standard british booty - and generally bursting the bankrupt bubble of britain where, as-if-by-some-mad-mushroom-induced-magic, we can still get paid over-the-odds for producing bugger-all whilst the rest-of-the-world knocks-out shit for peanuts...

...wherever will it all end?

well, if we brits want the wedge to pay each other top-dollars for basically scratching each others bottoms on the beaches of europe, but don't on principle wish to work for the world market-rate like everybody else, it all ends in another war of exploitation where we bust-in to rape another country and rob it of its natural resources, just like tony bash-em-up blair did - so although burglar blair was the mastermind of the great middle-east mineral-mugging, he in fact drew his power-to-oppress overseas from the very same small-minded muddle-english mentality which views the u-keep-away party as the cynically simple solution to all our country's problems, and i humbly conclude that barbaric blagger blair and fa├žade-for-fascism farage are merely two sides of the same bent britannic coin...

...but none of this alters the unforgiving rule of reality which dictates that the labour party will never be re-elected until its front bench is publicly purged of the sub-smirks of serving war-criminals and until tony "the butcher of baghdad" blair, along with all his free-loading former government monsters, are brought to justice in the hague for their long and wicked list of violations against humanity.