Thursday, 10 February 2011

clipped words

the folowing comment by jocelynjackesien was deleted from the comment is free thread on a guardian article, by jonathan dean entitled, radical feminism: what it is and why we're afraid of it:

"radical feminism? what's that when it's at home?
what i want to know is this: when barbie doll blofeld's finally been dropped down a swedish oubliette, who's gonna stroke his lab-rat-gerbil guido fawkes? who's gonna take over day-to-day management of his cult spy-network of hackers, blackmailers, fraudsters and snoops? and when they want to carry out surveillance and suppression of political dissenters...who are the labour party quasi-stasi gonna sub-contract their dirty operations to? in fact, who's gonna fill the information-black-hole which will be left gaping in state intelligence agencies, political parties, media organisations and prominent blogs around the world? who are cameron and murdoch gonna turn to now? who's gonna oversee global infiltration of all political and communications institutions?
my god, it makes me sick to see rusbridger acting all innocent on channel 4 - talking about people hacking into voicemails, when half the bloody country knows that there's industrial phone-tapping going on...and that personal mobile phones are being hacked into via their software and the microphones are being switched-on to turn them into 24-hour eavesdrops and tracking-devices. no mobile-broadband or phone network is secure these days - all the signals and lines are being intercepted and information being sold-on, it's bloody obvious. our own personal computers are being turned against us by commercial hackers and private investigators in the media and political spheres...micro-light digital surveillance equipment is being tossed around like confetti in public places and private premises and left to keep watch for the people who planted it. it's big business, by faceless crooks - and yet rusbridger pretends to know nothing about it...but i bet many of his interns and editorial staff know the score...not to mention his mates in the labour party. and i wonder why ed miliband isn't making a big deal out of the coulson affair?
hey about an erotic exposé of the dirty voyeuristic secrets which are being concealed behind the un-netted curtains of the paranoid power-freaks of middle-class suburbia? you make me wanna puke rusbridger.
ask spark up - he's an independent politically unpaid un-aligned writer and he's really friggin' hacked-off by the continual intrusive pscho-ops being arrogantly perpetrated by party-political sychophants and parasites."

my own reply to the above comment was also deleted:

9 february 2011 11:23pm
well thank you, ms jack esien - it's great that we can overlook petty philosophical differences on feminism and agree on something, for a change. god, don't you just want to turn off the telly when barbie doll blofeld and his oily lawyers open their whining mouths. i've had to resort to posting on this integrity free-dump because of fanatical labour-government-friendly deletions on places like guido fawkes, because of electorally convenient temporary erasures on old holborn (favouring prominent socialist members of parliament and a certain incumbent american president), and because of left-wing sensitive deletions on captain ranty which were closely followed by hacker deletions on my own blog (these occurring after i had the temerity to criticize assange's associates there). what a protection racket politics is, eh? i've even had my material purloined by a guido fawkes associate only to see it turn-up on a solo-comedian's bbc sketch show...uncredited..."

i can only guess that editors on the guardian have personal connections with the captain ranty blog, the old holborn blog, the guido fawkes blog, or with julian assange's anonymous hacker friends - and that they wish to cover-up the criminal hacking of comments from the spark up! blog. some moderators on the comment is free (guardian) site also clearly have connections with mainstream socialist political parties and could be receiving inducement in return for deleting dissenting views - there is also the possibility that the saltier deletions are being siphoned-off for use by commercial comedians. the upshot is that jocelynjackesien's account has been withdrawn by comment is free and my own sparkup account is now being pre-moderated and is effectively disabled. i fear that the guardian's disregard for freedom of expression will ultimately bring about their comment website's demise following an undignified trajectory which terminates in the aol recycle-bin.